Dubois County Unemployment Held Steady in March, April's Numbers Likely More Dismal


STATEWIDE -- New unemployment numbers show Dubois County stayed steady job-wise through the month of March, according to new numbers released today by the state Department of Workforce Development.

Dubois County posted 2.4% unemployment in March, tied with Hamilton County for the lowest unemployment in the state last month.  Martin and Daviess counties reported 2.7%; Warrick 2.8%.  Perry and Knox County both had 3.1% unemployment in March… 3.4% in Spencer County.  Pike County reported 3.5% unemployment last month; Lawrence County – 3.6%.  Orange County was not far behind at 3.7%.

The highest unemployment in our area last month was Crawford County with 4.7% unemployment.

The numbers are expected to take a big hit by the time April’s rates are published.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to record unemployment across the state.  118,184 Hoosiers filed for unemployment insurance last week alone.