Dubois County Sportsmen's Club to Donate Funds to Support County K9 Program


JASPER -- The Dubois County Sportsmen’s Club is donating funds to support the sheriff’s office’s new K9 program.

Deputy Clint Gogel is currently in training with his new four-legged partner.  Gogel has been employed with the sheriff’s office for 10 years; he started working as a jail officer for three years and has been a deputy for the last seven.

The check will be presented during the group’s monthly meeting September 16th at the Rock in Ireland.  It starts at 7 p.m.  The public is invited to attend.

According to the sheriff’s office, the department’s remaining K9, Karma, will be retiring in the near future. To continue the K9 program, the office is seeking the public’s help in raising funds to offset the cost of procuring and training a new K9 officer team, as reported by the Dubois County Free Press." 

“We are continually striving to meet the needs of our citizens and provide professional services for our community,” said Sgt. Stuart Wilson. “With the ever- increasing presence and use of drugs in our community, as well as violence and property crimes, the sheriff’s office would like to keep the K9 program alive and viable.”  

The sheriff’s office would like to add a new dual-purpose dog, allowing it to quickly detect controlled substances in places like schools and businesses, as well as vehicles. 

Additionally, the new Sheriff K-9 will be used during traffic stops, consent searches, searches related to arrest, as well as searches pursuant to a search warrant.  

The K9 will continue to increase the efficiency of the Sheriff’s office. A trained K9’s acute sense of smell can help it search a location for drugs in a fraction of the time it would take an officer. Furthermore, the K9 will also be trained to assist in the tracking of lost persons and the apprehension of fleeing suspects.