Dubois County Seeing Sharp Increase in Fatal Heroin Overdoses


DUBOIS COUNTY -- Dubois County is seeing an increase in Heroin overdoses.

"Within the past month, I've heard of at least five; three of those individuals passed away from that overdose and it's related to the heroin use," says Jennifer Lampert, chief probation officer with Dubois County Probation.

"The individuals that have passed away, their families are affected, the law enforcement officers responding are affected by it.  The first responders responding are affected.  So it reaches further than just an individual struggling with their own addiction."

In many rural areas across the country, there aren’t enough resources to help those battling addition.  But here in Dubois County, Lampert says we have resources, but could use more.

"We do have several counseling centers in the area that are helping with this.   We also have our Community Corrections.  We worked very hard to get grants and funding so when someone enters the criminal justice system, we can offer the appropriate resources for them."

She continued, "In my dream world, I would love to have a half-way house.  I would love to have an in-patient treatment center, and I would love to have treatment in our jail.  So these are all things we are working on as a community to get going in this area."      

The Dubois County Substance Abuse Council is hosting an Overdose Awareness Candlelight Vigil next week.  The community is invited to attend.  It will be at the Market Street Park in Huntingburg on the 29th from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The event will include guest speakers who have encountered addiction, a poem-reading about addiction’s effects, and an opportunity for members of the public affected by addiction to speak as well live music, a candle-lighting ceremony, and a bio-degradable balloon release in which participants are encouraged to write a message to loved ones who have lost their fight with addiction.

Materials will also be provided regarding local resources on substance abuse, addiction, and grief counseling.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a picture of their loved one if they wish, as well as blankets and/or chairs to sit on.

The event will go on rain or shine.