DUBOIS CO. OFFICIALS: "Our Negligence Resulting in Our Increasing Numbers," 17 New Cases Reported Tuesday


JASPER -- The Dubois County Health Department announced 17 new cases of COVID-19 in the county on Tuesday.

That brings our total to 1,223 positive cases since the pandemic began.  Of those cases, 22 have died, 929 others have recovered.

When you do the math, it comes out to 272 active cases in the county.  Officials have tested just over 9,200 residents so far for the virus.

Total Positive Cases

New Positives



Approx. Total Tested






The Dubois County Health Department released the following statement....

Since the beginning of stage 5 we have started seeing a rise of new cases of COVID-19 in Dubois County. Tracking investigations have led to the knowledge that most of these cases are due to community spread (i.e. special events, travel, bars, wedding, family gatherings etc.) Further investigation reveals that many people have let their guard down in regards to following the ongoing guidelines to mitigate this virus. 

Stage 5 did not lift these guidelines. At all times when we are around other people, outside of our home, we must continue to practice physical distancing and wearing a face covering. 

We have a duty and responsibility to do our best to curtail the spread of this disease. 

We can clearly see that the consequences of our negligence are resulting in our increasing numbers. Please refer to CDC.gov and coronavirus.in.gov for information on isolation and quarantine and many other common questions regarding COVID-19.