Dubois County Health Department Urges Businesses to Comply with Governor's Stay at Home Order

The Dubois County Health Department is urging all county businesses to follow the recommendations in Governor Holcomb's Executive Order 20-08 for definitions of essential services. 

The Governor's order, which provides a list of activities permitted, can be found here

In a press release, the Dubois County Health Department says they are urging all business to look through the list and find the section that applies to your particular business.  They say they are relying on businesses to carefully evaluate and determine if their services qualify as essential.  

The release states "If you cannot justify that you are providing an essential service, then we urge you to close at this time."

 The ISDH set up the Critical Industries Hotline at 877.820.0890 or by emailing [email protected] for any questions regarding business and industry questions. 

For now, Dubois County Health Department will continue to use the guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health.