Dubois County Group to Offer Program For Youth on Firearm Safety and Outdoor Skills


DUBOIS COUNTY -- A Dubois County group wants to educate the public on safe gun practices.

Jared and Hanna Beck are with Dubois County Shooting Sports.  They appeared Wednesday on "Live at 7:05" with Charlie Wayne on WITZ - FM.  They say, no matter what you view is on guns, education is the best way to keep accidents from occurring.

Accidents like we saw over the weekend when a Bloomington father accidentally shot himself and his child in the head while play wrestling.

"Shooting Sports is a program that we teach grades 3 - 12.  [It's] basic firearm safety and how to handle guns properly," says Hanna Beck.  "But, it extends to more than just firearms.  We also teach archery safety, and getting kids out in the woods and giving them a love of nature." 

It’s local education that can save LOCAL lives says Jared Beck.  "[It's] a 4H program that kids can enroll in.  We stress different aspects of safety when it comes to firearms, archery or, like we said even outdoor skills."

Jared adds:  "Know the simple and basic handling of [guns].  You can to make sure you're safe and all of the different rules and mental checks that you need to make sure there's not that accident."

You can learn more about the classes by clicking the link.  CLICK HERE for the DC Shooting Sports Facebook page   

You can also hear Charlie Wayne's full interview with Jared and Hanna Beck below.