Dubois County Election Officials Taking Steps to Making Polling Locations Safer for Voters

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JASPER -- Early voting begins next week in Dubois County, and local election officials are taking extra steps to protect in-person voters from the coronavirus.

“We are asking, again, for voters to wear a mask when they come in,” says Dubois County Clerk Amy Kippenbrock.  “If you don’t have a mask, or you forget it in the car, or just didn’t think about it, we do have plenty of masks available.  So, if you get to the door and you’ve forgotten yours, it’s ok.   We’ll have one for you inside.”

And Kippenbrock says there are other safety measures in place to help combat the spread of the virus in your polling places.

“We will also have lots of hand sanitizer so feel free to use it when you come in, when you’re going out, whatever makes you most comfortable.  We have plenty of PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] in place.   I think it’s important for voters to know that we’re also cleaning those machines in between voters.”

Kippenbrock adds, everyone in Dubois County should cast a ballot either in-person on Election Day, or early beginning next week.  You can also still vote by mail.

“We have so many options to get out and vote.  Whether you want to do it by mail or you want to do it in person, we have so many options that allow you to get in and out.  Because we have so many options, [it] just really spreads it out.  I think it’s two to three minutes at the most that people have been in and out when people have voted at the Courthouse Annex.”    

You can find information on Early Voting below.  CLICK HERE to read more about mail-in voting in Dubois County.