Dubois County Council Approves Funds to Buy a New Tornado Siren for Town of Holland


HOLLAND -- The Dubois County Council has signed off on a plan to replace the tornado siren in the Town of Holland.

The current siren has been out of service for weeks.  Officials say it can’t be fixed, so they’ll purchase a new one.

Tammy Humbert, Director of the Dubois County EMA says they don’t know when the new siren will be installed, but it could take a few months.

The concern: We are in the middle of our serve weather season.

Tom Thacker, Town of Holland; Adam Chambers, Chief of Holland Fire Department and Tammy Humbert, Director of Dubois County Emergency Management are encouraging all residents of Holland to be aware that there is currently no working siren in the Town of Holland and to make sure and have a SAME weather radio with fresh batteries so you can be notified of any severe weather coming to the area. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Dubois County EMA office at 812-482- 2202.

The new siren has a price tag of $27,005.