Dubois County Clerk Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Voting in This Year's Election


JASPER -- Dubois County Clerk Amy Kippenbrock is answering some of the questions they get asked the most about this election cycle.

Clerk’s office gets calls regularly…

Q. Can I really vote anywhere early? 

    A. Yes, any Dubois County registered voter may vote at any early Dubois County location.

    Q. Where can I vote today and tomorrow (10/22 & 10/23)?

      A. Courthouse Annex 8am – 4pm

      (across the street from Courthouse in downtown Jasper)

      35th Str. Fire Station 10am – 6pm

      (This is one block east of Hwy 231 on 35th Str. On the north side of Jasper)

      Q. What do I need to bring with me?

        A. Photo id

        “We are asking, again, for voters to wear a mask when they come in,” says Dubois County Clerk Amy Kippenbrock.  “If you don’t have a mask, or you forget it in the car, or just didn’t think about it, we do have plenty of masks available.  So, if you get to the door and you’ve forgotten yours, it’s ok.   We’ll have one for you inside.”

        And Kippenbrock says there are other safety measures in place to help combat the spread of the virus in your polling places.

        “We will also have lots of hand sanitizer so feel free to use it when you come in, when you’re going out, whatever makes you most comfortable.  We have plenty of PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] in place.   I think it’s important for voters to know that we’re also cleaning those machines in between voters.”

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