Dubois County Becomes "Hotspot" in the State for COVID-19, Health Officials Say


JASPER -- The "alarming" increase in COVID-19 cases of the past week has health officials agreeing that Dubois County has become a "hotspot" in the state for the virus.

News Director David Shepherd asked Dubois County Health Department Director Shawn Werner if he agreed with that characterization.  He responded, " Yes unfortunately that is a fair statement."

Werner added, "That is why we are urging our community to follow all the guidelines we currently have in place.  Wear your mask, social distance, practice good hygiene, and stay home for your 10 day isolation period if you are ill  or 14 day quarantine period if you have been named a close contact."


globalpandemics.org tracks COVID-19 numbers across the country and shows the new cases, per capita, over the last seven days in each county.  The latest update showed Dubois County was the single largest hotspot in the state when it comes to new cases per capita.