Dr. Waflart Sends Letter to Local Businesses Regarding COVID-19 Test Reporting


JASPER -- Dubois County Health Officer Ted Waflart has sent a letter to local businesses regarding patient privacy.

In the letter, Dr. Walfart told businesses that sharing pending COVID-19 tests is not in compliance with HIPAA laws concerning a patient’s privacy.

The letter comes after officials consulted with the Dubois County Attorney and the State Department of Health.

Walfart says, if an employer identifies a pattern, or has concerns with an outbreak or increasing numbers, the county Health Department should be notified.

"Companies should continue to have a strong screening process for employees with symptoms," the letter stated.  The "Dubois County Health Department strongly encourages employers to review their policies and procedures to keep up with this frequently changing virus, and, to work with employees to be in constant communication with their human resources department when reporting illnesses."