Deadline Approaching to Request Mail-In Ballot For June 2nd Primary Election

STATEWIDE -- You have till Thursday to request a mail-in ballot for next month's primary. But for now, there are no plans to extend vote-by-mail to the November election.

Secretary of State Connie Lawson says the primary has demonstrated it's logistically possible to expand vote-by-mail, though she warns it may take two or three days to get results. But she says it took a lot of negotiation with both parties to work out a deal for the primary. She says she'll wait to see how the primary goes and what guidance health experts offer before discussing whether to do it again.

The state removed the usual limits on who can vote absentee in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Lawson says she'd like to see everyone vote by mail next month, but says she hasn't and won't consider eliminating in-person voting entirely. She says many Hoosiers consider it a "sacred right."

One prominent in-person voter: Governor Holcomb, who's unopposed on the Republican primary ballot. He says he may use early voting. Lawson says anyone voting in person should strongly consider it.

The state has reduced the early voting period from four weeks to one, but Lawson says the more people vote early, the more it spreads out the load of in-person voters and reduces the risk of infections.

Lawson says the state has purchased masks, sanitizer and disinfectant for pollworkers and voting equipment, and will complete shipping of those supplies next week. She says voters should wear their own masks to go to the polls.

Absentee votes must be received by noon on primary day, June 2.