Dale Rest Stop Saved From Chopping Block... For Now!

By: David Shepherd, News Director / Anchor, Matt Crane with the D.C. Free Press Contributed to this report.  PHOTO: File

DALE -- The controversial decision to close the rest stop in Dale has been overturned.

Sen. Mark Messmer confirmed the rest stop will stay open, but the move may be short lived.

We recently reported transportation officials recently conducted a review of all of its rest stops to determine their condition and usage.

That study showed several rest stops within the system need extensive repairs and closing some of them would improve the overall system.

The Nancy Hanks rest area, located at mile marker 59, is over 30 years old and faces the rising costs of maintenance and operation.

In fact, Jason Tiller with INDOT says repairs at that particular rest area could cost millions of dollars.

And while Messmer says the rest stop will stay open for now, INDOT will likely close it once new facilities are built in strategic locations throughout the state.