Cold Weather Preparedness, Projects discussed during Monday Utility Meeting

By: Drew Hasselbring, News Reporter

Jasper- The utilities services board met in Jasper in council chambers in city hall on Monday night in order to discuss issues relevant to the city. 

Obviously with cold weather coming, Jasperites and Dubois County’s residents have winterization on their minds, removing those outdoor hoses and preparing their homes for lower temperatures. 

The board discussed a number of larger issues, including the new Northwest substation, approving its engineering and design application. They also discussed the importance of being good neighbors and doing their due diligence to make sure all Jasper residents, particularly those in that neighborhood, are up to date on what’s going on with the substation. Additionally, they unsealed and read a number of chemical bids for the Jasper Wastewater and Clean Water Initiatives.

At first glance, one council member said that those bids came in relatively in line with previous years, year to year, when accounting for inflation. One interesting note at this meeting was that the board approved hiring for two city positions, where long-time city employees will soon be retiring. 

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