City of Jasper Releases Guidelines For Halloween During COVID-19 Pandemic


JASPER -- Officials in Jasper are releasing guidelines for this Halloween.

At events, those officials recommend everyone wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth.

Parents should accompany children and carry hand sanitizer and use it frequently, especially before allowing children to remove their masks or touch their faces.

Don’t participate in trick-or-treating if you are considered high risk or if you are sick.

If you don’t want trick-or-treaters, turn your porch lights off.  Only go to houses with the light turned on, indicating they are welcoming visitors.

If you are handing out candy, only use pre-packaged foods.  Avoid homemade items.

When handling candy, place items into the child’s bag or container, don’t let them grab their own treats.   

You can see all of the guidelines from the city of Jasper below.....