Catholic Bishop Lifts Mass Requirements, Asks Sick Parishioners to Stay Home


DUBOIS COUNTY -- Bishop Siegel says local catholic churches will continue to hold masses as normal, however, he’s lifting the requirement obligating it.

That means, if you don’t attend mass through March 29th, your aren’t’ committing a sin in the eyes of the church.

You’re asked to skip mass and stay home if you are sick or if you’ve had contact with another sick person.

Many area parishes had already stopped serving Eucharist due to the high prevalence of flu.

The Sisters of St. Benedict are taking precautions due to the spread of the coronavirus.  The community meeting scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled.  Prioress Sister Anita Lowe is instead asking the sisters to make Saturday a day of prayer for all who are impacted by the virus.

The Benedictine Hospitality Center will not house overnight guests for the next 30 days.

Precautions are also being taken for anyone visiting the monastery.