Brother of Rockport Murder Victim Calls Him a "Hero" For Stopping a Man From Hitting a Woman Before Shots Rang Out


ROCKPORT -- We’re learning more about a murder in Rockport last week and we’re hearing from the brother of the victim.

18-year-old Zane Lee was shot and killed Wednesday evening in the area of Seminary Road and South 9th Street.  19-year-old Joseph Petry is accused of firing the two shots.  He was arrested late last week and charged with murder.


Police say the victim saw Petry hitting a woman and stepped in to break up the fight.  That’s when Petry allegedly fired two shots in the air before shooting Lee who was running from the scene.

“My brother was a hero, you know, more of a hero than I am, and I’ve served in the United States across in Afghanistan," Riley Henderson, the victim's brother tells WFIE-TV. "He saw a girl getting beat up by her boyfriend, and he tried to intervene, and that’s what led to the shooting. I can honestly say my brother is more of a hero than I am.” 

Petry faces up to 65 years in prison if convicted.