BREAKING: Joint Resolution "Recommends" Dubois County Residents Wear a Mask in Public


JASPER -- Leaders of cities and towns throughout Dubois County have issued a Joint Proclamation recommending all county residents wear a mask while in public areas.

The proclamation, signed by Mayor Dean Vonderheide (Jasper), Mayor Denny Spinner (Huntingburg), Tom Thacker (Holland), Ken Sicard (Ferdinand), Bret Eckert (Birdseye) and the Dubois County Commissioners.

In the proclamation, local leaders say COVID-19 has spread "exponentially;" calling the growth of cases in the county "alarming." 

Leaders also stress the importance of heeding their advice about masks now, before they are forced to issue mandates. 

"WHEREAS, the time for voluntary measures is quickly closing unless our community can stem the rate of COVID-19 spread," the Proclamation states.  "Without responsible commitment from the public, more drastic measures, including renewed stay-at-home orders or a mask mandate, will be considered to contain the dangerous spread of the pandemic, causing more economic and societal hardship."

This story is developing.  Check back momentarily for more information.

See the full proclamation below....