Breaking Ground on the 'Home of the ButterBurger', Culver's Coming to Jasper in Fall 2022

By Kris Norton 

- Culver's is bringing a fast-casual dining option to Jasper, breaking ground on Monday, and eyeing a Fall 2022 opening date.

The Laskowski family, no strangers to Southern Indiana and Jasper, is bringing Culver's to Dubois County.

The husband and wife team of John and Alice Laskowski own and operate Culver's franchises in Bloomington and Seymour. John, a former Indiana Hoosier basketball star whose playing days coincided with Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide's Hoosier football career, says the family's ties run deep in Jasper.

"We've got to meet a lot of people from Jasper, great IU town, [we] go to football tailgates with a group from here," John said. "My father-in-law, my wife's dad, coached here in Jasper in the late 1950's, Barney Scott. So, we've got some roots here. She went to kindergarten here, my wife did."

"We think it's a great town and I think that Culver's could be really successful here in Jasper."

Family, friends, and organization members posing in front of the "Fan-bulance", taken by the group to tailgates at Indiana University.

But it won't be John and Alice opening Jasper's newest eatery. Their son, Scott, is taking a prominent role in what has become the family business, becoming an  owner.

Scott says that in mapping out Southern Indiana, bringing Culver's to Jasper was a no-brainer.

"My dad and I would come to Strassenfest in the summertime - always one of the best festivals in the entire state of Indiana - so, we've known Jasper for years," Scott said. "When we kind of mapped out Southern Indiana, there's not a ton of towns, especially with a good population in Southern Indiana, and Jasper was an easy choice."

Upon breaking ground at the North Newton Street location on Monday, the Laskowskis anticipate a three to four month construction period, meaning a September or October opening day. 

When the doors officially open, guests will find the famous ButterBurger in addition to other favorites.

"A lot of people love the cheese curds, that's a big hit, and the fresh, frozen custard," Scott said. "I like the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, that's my personal favorite."

For those looking for a healthy meal, John says there a number of options to chose from, including his favorite menu item.

"My favorite is the Chicken Cashew Salad, you know, I'm trying to watch my weight the older we get and that works out very well with a vinaigrette or ranch dressing," John said. "We do have soups that we offer, I like the Wild Rice with Chicken as my favorite."

As you ease up on the main course, John says, that just leaves room for more frozen custard.

While the restaurant is still looking to hire new employees, Jordan Clark has already been named General Manager.

Clark, the second-youngest GM in the franchise, says the custard is anything but a footnote on the menu.

"The custard, we're known for that," Clark said. "That's my little baby [project], so that's my go-to."

The fast-casual restaurant also features seafood, including shrimp and cod. During the Lenten season, Culver's adds walleye to the menu.

In the hiring process, Clark says she knows what kind of team members she's looking for.

"Team-wise, just people that want to have fun and work hard at the same time," Clark said. "You can do both, but if you can work hard and have fun, that's the only people I'm looking for."

Through the restaurant, Scott says, he and his business partners Jeff Meyer and Neil Miller will look to give back to area organizations.

"If there's an organization in town, if there's a not-for-profit that needs help raising money, we do share night," Scott said. "Usually on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., an organization will come in. They'll run food for us, spread the word around town, and they get a portion of the profits from that sale."

"We help the community in any way we can, and we're here for them," Scott said.

Culver's will be located two lots south of the intersection of North Newton and Country Club Drive at the former V.F.W. Post.

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