Best Home Furnishings Issues Employee Statement Regarding COVID-19

FERDINAND, Indiana — As a family owned business, the owners and managers of Best Home Furnishings are dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and stability of all employees and their family members as we confront the health care challenges and economic challenges of COVID-19. 

Effective Monday, March 30th , Best Home Furnishings is implementing a new COVID-19 Paid Leave Policy to assist employees with the impact of this crisis. The COVID-19 Paid Leave Policy will provide up to 2 weeks (10 days) of extra paid time off during the remainder of calendar year 2020 for eligible employees who are off work due to a COVID-19 related issue such as a reduced work schedule, High Risk, experiencing sickness, caring for someone in their home, or who are unable to obtain childcare. 

During the week beginning Monday, March 30 th , the majority of our manufacturing operations will be closed, and most manufacturing employees will not return until the week of April 6 th . As a result, manufacturing employees will use five (5) of the ten (10) days of COVID-19 Paid Leave for that week. The remaining five (5) days may be used as flex Paid Leave days to be used, and taken consistent with the company’s procedures for Paid Flex Vacation days. 

“We are asking for your help to continue business and manufacturing operations during this time of crisis because we are considered an Essential and Critical Supplier to the healthcare industry, and to home-bound patients recovering from COVID-19,” said Glenn Lange, CEO of Best Home Furnishings. “Many individuals suffering from the COVID-19 virus are quarantined and recovering at home. These people need our lift chairs, power recliners and other home furnishings to help them during their recovery.” 

In addition, Best Home Furnishings and KNU, LLC are currently working together to manufacture medical devices listed with the FDA which are used by hospitals and other health care facilities throughout the world. These FDA Medical Devices include Health Care Recliners, Sleeper Sofa’s, etc., and they are used in hospitals and other health care facilities for the treatment and recovery of patients suffering from the COVID-19 virus. “We need your help to continue manufacturing operations during this time of crisis so we can continue to supply hospitals with these devices,” said Lange. 

Lange added, “Although some of our products are in demand for treatment and recovery of COVID-19 patients, many home furnishings dealers are struggling, and many suppliers are unable to deliver necessary components. Obviously, these issues will impact our business operations, and will cause us to limit and/or reduce work schedules from time to time. We fully intend to remain open as much as possible to supply our Essential and Critical products. We will continue to take actions recommended by the CDC to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within our facilities by way of social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, and encouraging employees to stay home when they feel ill.”