Area Death Toll From COVID-19 Continues to Climb, 18 Positive in Dubois Co. No Deaths


AREA WIDE -- Dubois County health officials have reported 18 positive cases, but no deaths so far from COVID-19.

In Orange County, health officials report 60 positive cases and 8 deaths.  Lawrence County has 93 cases and 11 deaths. 

Spencer County has 5 positive cases and Perry County has 8.  No one has died from the virus in either of those counties.

On the state level, 31 new deaths were reported Monday bringing the state’s total to 844.  88 others are being considered probable COVID-19 deaths.  Nearly 16,000 Hoosiers have tested positive as of the latest update.

43% of the state’s ICU beds and 79% of its ventilators are currently available.

New numbers come out this afternoon.

Nationwide over 1 million people have tested positive for COVID-19. 114,000 have recovered.