Area Couple Quarantined on Cruise Ship After 135 People On-Board Fall Ill With Coronavirus


VINCENNES -- An area couple is quarantined on a cruise ship docked in Japan over fears of the coronavirus.

Jim and Linda Levell of Vincennes are just two of nearly 3,700 passengers and crew that remain quarantined on the ship.  135 people on-board are believed to be infected with coronavirus.

The Levells aren’t sick, but a friend of the couple tells WTHI-TV he’s worried sick.

"It's not an illness, it's a fear," explains the friend, who did not want to be identified.  "They are healthy.  They're confined to their room.  They are looking at the positive side."

The Levells were on the cruise ship celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

They have to stay on board until the quarantine is lifted.  Officials expect that to happen by the middle of next week.