A Local Bakery is Hoping to Make Needy Kids' Holiday a Bit Brighter This Year

By : David Shepherd, News Director / Anchor 

JASPER -- A Jasper bakery is serving up more than sweet treats this holiday season.

The Mad Batter Bakery is hosting an angel tree to support local kids in need.

"Without this, they may not get a present from Santa Clause.  It's just a great way to help kids in need, says Cathrine Bramlett, the owner of the Mad Batter Bakery in Jasper.  "It's through an organization called Youth Village.  If you can't come in and get an angel, you can donate money which goes to the children."        

There are still angels left on the tree.  They represent just one local kid who needs your help to have a brighter Christmas.

You can stop by the Mad Batter, just north of the courthouse square on Main Street to get and angel and donate to the kids from Youth Village Program.