37th Huntingburg Stroll

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Huntingburg- The 37th Huntingburg Stroll is happening now.

The annual Christmas season tradition, put on by the Huntingburg Merchants, is taking place on 4th Street through Sunday November 13th. There is a number of events for the family including Santa’s Workshop and carriage rides. The music on 4th Street has also returned.

“We try to do a lot of free family events,” said Andrea Tooley, “We don’t want anyone to be excluded, we want everyone to be able to participate. The Santa photos are free of charge, the carriage rides are free of charge.”

Tooley along with Sarah Bellmore joined WITZ’s Charlie Wayne live at 7:05 on Wednesday morning.

Some of the other events happening include house and church tours. Tickets are available from participating merchants on 4th Street. A half pot drawing will be taking place as well. Tickets can be purchased from participating merchants.

“As you can see from our list of events, we schedule a lot of things during Christmas stroll, but we also do a lot of advertising outside of our area.” Said Tooley, “A lot of that money that we raise will go towards advertising for the merchants and also to put on events. Everything that we list as free to you is not free to us.”

Holiday home tours finish the stroll at 8:00 pm.