3500 Pesticide Jugs and 305 Gallons of Oil Recycled During Solid Waste District Annual 'Ag Day'


DUBOIS COUNTY -- Farmers and land managers took advantage of the opportunity to recycle their plastic pesticide jugs at the Dubois County Solid Waste District’s annual Agriculture Recycling Day on the morning of Wednesday, August 5. Over 3500 plastic pesticide jugs were recycled during the morning event by 26 participants. Additionally, the ag day offered waste oil recycling, which brought in 305 gallons of oil to be recycled.

“We had a great turn out this year! We really enjoy greeting our farmers and land managers for this annual event. It’s just a good feeling that they want to do what is right and recycle their jugs and the oil as well.” District director Carla Striegel-Winner stated. “We have some managers bring 15 jugs and other large farms that bring several hundred. It all adds up to a great recycling event!”

The Dubois County Solid Waste District thanks county farmers and land managers for taking time out of their busy day to recycle and do the right thing for themselves, their neighbors and their community.

The annual jug recycling event is through a special partnership with local recycler Jasper Salvage.

Residents wanting more information about other recycling and proper disposal in the county can go to www.duboiscountyrecycles.org or check out the District facebook page.