2023 Municipal Election Results

By: Corbin Lingenfelter, News Director

Dubois Co.- Election results for 2023 have gone final.

The results were:

Huntingburg Mayor:

(I) Neil Elkins (51.1%)

(R) James Hopf (48.9%)

Huntingburg City Council- At Large

(I) Tim Wehr (57.8%)

(R) Eric Jochim (42.2%)

Huntingburg City Council- District 4

(R) Pamela Bolte (56.3%)

(I) Kerri Blessinger (43.7%)

Jasper City Clerk Treasurer

(D) Kiersten Knies (57.7%)

(R) Bridgette Jarboe Bartley (42.3%)

Jasper City Council At Large

(R) Nancy Eckerle (44%)

(R) Phil Mundy (39.8%)

(D) Daniel Kreilein (16.2%)

Jasper City Council District 3

(R) Chad Lueken (64.5%)

(D) Ben Nowotarski (35.5%)

Jasper City Council District 4

(R) Vincent Helming (50.2%)

(D) Dave Hurst (49.8%)

Northeast Dubois School District Referendum Question

Yes (60.6%)

No (39.4%)

There were a pair of voting lead changes in this year's election, with early voting numbers putting Blessinger ahead of Bolte and Hurst over Helming. 

Neil Elkins shared his reaction to the Huntingburg Mayor results.

“Its relief,” said Elkins, “Two months of hard work we put in the campaign. It’s great to see. I feel very happy that we have the council that we have. The people that were elected there are people as a group, I’ll challenge them, they’ll challenge me. I think we will do whatever we can to improve the services in Huntingburg. Right now I just look at this as the first step of what I want to achieve in Huntingburg and bring the people's voice back here. I’ve said that from day one, I’m somebody that loves engaging with the general public and finding solutions to the problems that we face. Huntingburg’s a great city, I’m not trying to make it that we have problems over here because we don’t. Overall I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love it here and I think there is so much we can do to continue to improve the services that citizens receive in the City of Huntingburg.” 

His challenger James Hopf gave his thanks to his supporters.

“I want to thank everybody, thank you very much,” said Hopf, “It means a lot that people came out and supported me throughout this year and a half journey. It’s been a long journey but it’s been a successful journey. I think we opened up a lot of eyes and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single person that came out and supported me in this journey.”

Current elected officials will finish the year before passing the torch to the next administration.