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Build A Basket

Generations’ AngelWorx program is sponsoring it’s 5th Annual Build A Basket project to help provide for the basic needs of members of the community.

Participating is easy! All you have to do is this:

  1. Register the number of baskets you’re building. You can do this by sending an email to akramer@vinu.edu or calling 812-888-4527. The information required is your name or group name, your address, and your phone number.
  2. Get a plastic laundry basket, trash can, storage tub, or a box to fill up…Basically anything that you can put items into!
  3. Secure the items in the basket. Feel free to decorate the basket if you’re in the holiday spirit!
  4. Drop off your completed basket(s) to one of the basket drop off locations by December 16th. (Late baskets will be accepted, but please try not to be late so baskets can be distributed on time!)

After the baskets have been dropped off, Case Managers, Meals on Wheels drivers, and volunteers will then deliver the baskets to the clients. Everything you donate will go to someone who needs it!

And what are some of the items that are suggested to go into the baskets? Basically anything that a person would use on a day to day basis! Here are some examples of possible basket items:

build a basket suggestions

Remember. The above list is not all inclusive and only refers to some suggestions to put into the baskets. Anything that you can donate will help!

Basket drop off locations in Dubois County are:

  • Ferdinand Senior Center – 313 W. 9th Street
    • Drop off times are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Jasper Arnold Habig Center- 1301 Saint Charles Street
    • Drop off times are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For a complete list of drop off locations, call 812-888-4527.

And if you need to schedule a basket pick up, you can call 1-800-742-9002.

Happy Holidays!

  • Roger Stuckey 9am-2pm