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September 19th 8 am Newscast

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Why Did It Take So Long to Detect Water Problem in Jasper?

The question has been asked many times in the community that if the problem started on September 8th, why did it take until September 17th to discover what was wrong? We spoke with Jasper Gas & Water Manager Ernie Hinkle Thursday, who told us that even though cloudy water started showing up on September 9th, MORE >

Commissioners to Recommend Texting Solution for EMS

As a part of on-going efforts to improve communications for fire, first responders and EMS personnel in the County, the Dubois County Commissioners have recommended to the County Council to appropriate funding for a new text messaging system. Ambulance Services Director Suzan Henke recommended the solution to the Commissioners along with emergency personnel in the MORE >

Jasper City Council Other Items

The Jasper Common Council met for their monthly meeting last night and in spite of the current boil water order, other items handled in the meeting seemed rather mundane. The council passed one resolution, seven ordinances and one amendment to an existing ordinance. Also, the council passed two ordinances vacating public utility and drainage easements, MORE >

City of Jasper Still Unsure of Source of Water Problem

City officials are still looking for answers to why the manganese level jumped up in the Patoka River and caused the chlorine to drop to unsafe levels in Jasper. The drop forced the city to issue a boil water order for all Jasper and Ireland water customers. Matt Crane with the Dubois County Free Press MORE >

Jasper City Council Meeting and Water Information

Utility General Manager Bud Hauersperger gave an update in Wednesday night’s Jasper Common Council meeting on the state of the boil water order and what’s being done to mitigate the high levels of manganese. Hauersperger said that as of Wednesday afternoon, the level of manganese was dropping and the chlorine was going up.  He said MORE >

September 17th and 18th Newscasts

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Boil Water Guidelines from the DC Health Department

From the Dubois County Health Department: Guidelines for Use During Boil Water Order A boil water advisory is issued when some type of event has created the potential for contamination to Bring the water to a full boil for at least 5 minutes. Cool and aerate the boiled water by pouring it through the air MORE >

Jasper Press Conference on Boil Water Order

The City of Jasper issued a boil water ORDER today that affects every water customer in the city. While the city acknowledges that this is a preventive measure, they are concerned enough to make this an ORDER and not an advisory. Mayor Seitz said in the press conference at 11:30 Wednesday morning: This goes for MORE >

Boil Water Order in Jasper and Ireland

If you have water that comes from Jasper Water Utilities or Ireland Water Utilities you are under a boil order until further notice. Residents in the Jasper area awoke this morning to the alert released by City officials who state that because of an increase in Manganese and lowering of chlorine levels, customers are being MORE >

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