Wendy’s in Ferdinand Gets High Tech Drink Machine

It’s called the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, but what exactly does it do?  It’s all about choices and great taste to compliment your food purchases.

Wendy’s in Ferdinand is now home to one of these new technological marvels that delivers over 100 options of sodas and other drinks that give you the exact combination of flavor you want.

The Coca-Cola Free style is not new, but is relatively new to the area, and BR Associates, franchisee for the Wendy’s in Ferdinand decided to see how popular these new drink machines would be with customers.

BR Associates Director of Marketing Melanie Powell gave a demonstration of the machine on Tuesday and tells what the machine is capable of:

Melanie Powell

Of those over 100 options, you can also choose from over 70 diet and low calorie selections; 90 caffeine choices and 80 unique brands not offered anywhere else.

Store manager Rhonda White says the new machine is very attractive to younger customers:

Rhonda White

Powell says that the machine is the first one in any of the BR Associates restaurants, but if it is successful, she sees more coming in the future.

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