Weather in the News

Dubois County and areas north of us got hit by storms Wednesday evening and into the night with wide spread damage.

The Dubois County 911 Dispatch report shows around 8 calls for weather related issues including debris in the road, weather related damage, lines and poles down and several fire runs.

There was also flash flooding that occurred in the northwest part of Dubois County.

Storm clouds were ominous on the north side of Jasper with several law enforcement officers spotting what they said were funnel clouds which resulted in the emergency sirens being set off several times.

Fortunately, there were no touch-downs reported and compared to some counties north of Dubois County, damage was minimal.

Emergency Management Director Tammy Miller tells what damage came with the storms that moved through last night:

Tammy Miller 1

Miller says that it was a one-two punch of hits from the storms, the second delivering the most damage.

As to whether there were any tornadoes, she had this to say:

Tammy Miller 2

She reports after a tour and assessment this morning that there are no more damaged areas in the County.

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