Third Avenue Water Main Grant Moves Ahead

In an “about face”, the City of Jasper has been invited to re-apply for the grant for the Third Avenue water main replacement project.

Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz told WITZ News that in a special meeting of the Jasper City Council and Utility Service Board on Monday morning at 7:30 that they were approached about re-applying for the grant the Economic Development Administration or EDA:

Seitz said that the work could begin on the water main this fall and be completed before winter sets in, but the final re-paving work would have to wait until next spring and the street would have to sit through the winter with temporary pavement in place until then.

So, even though the timing is not the best, the City has reapplied for the EDA grant, which will lower costs to the City on the project.

The City had already decided to do the project with their own money, rather than wait to go through another grant approval process.

The condition of the water main is such that it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later.

The water main is 6,100 feet long and runs from Staat Strasse to Rumbach Avenue and replaces the current 8 inch line with a 12 inch line to increase capacity for future growth.

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