Street and Road Updates

Jasper Street Commissioner Raymie Eckerle says that 15th Street is opened up after having it closed last night for paving:

Eckerle also gave an update on the Rejuvenator and Liquid Road Projects:

He says that these projects are all designed to help the streets last longer to keep from having to repair and repave them so often – which saves the City money.

Dubois County Highway Superintendent Steve Berg reports that the South Meridian Road project is completed and drivers can use it again:

Berg also gave us an update on when he thinks the Schnellville Road Bridge Project will be done and the road opened back up:

Berg says that they will award 5 road projects in the first Commissioners meeting in September and the goal is to have them done before cold weather sets in.

The two big projects on that list include the paving of Schnellville Road from the County Highway Garage out to Santine Road.  And paving of Club Road from Ferdinand to St. Anthony.

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