St. Anthony and Haysville Fire Runs

Assistant Fire Chief Woody Fischer with St. Anthony Fire Department reports on a fire run Thursday just before 4 pm to a grass and woods fire at 5251 East 650 South – the Jason Cunningham residence.

Fischer says that when his crew arrived they found an area away from the residence on fire and they quickly extinguished it.  The fire burned about 1 acre at the location, but did not threaten any structures.

He says that they found the source of the fire, hot coals from a fireplace were dumped and ignited in the dry conditions and the flames were further fanned by the high winds.

3 trucks with 15 firefighters were on scene for about 30 minutes.  There were no injuries.


In a second fire run Thursday afternoon, firefighters with the Haysville Fire Department were dispatched to a field fire at 6886 North 200 West around 3:30 pm.

Haysville Fire Chief John Furhman reports that the residents were clearing out a fencerow and a brush fire of debris got out of hand due to gusty winds and embers from that fire ignited a bean field nearby.

Fuhrman says that about 3 acres burned in the fire, but there was no damage to any structures in the area.

He says that 4 trucks and 12 firefighters were on the scene for just over an hour.

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