Southwest Dubois School Board Meeting

From the Dubois County Free Press:

The principals of the four schools in Southwest Dubois County School Corporation presented their teacher in-service training schedules to the school board Thursday night.

This was in response to a proposed amendment to school policy made by board members Chris Neu and Michael Broeker last month to limit in-service training to one day per week .

According to the schedules from the principals, the high school and middle school averages two days a week for scheduled training sessions and meetings, while the elementary schools average four days a week. These sessions typically occur in the morning prior to class.

All four principals reiterated they completely support teachers missing in-service training to meet with students.

Cheryl Stanton, Title I Director, Test Coordinator, and Curriculum Coordinator, attributed the improvements of the school corporation’s performance in recent years to the training the teachers and staff have been receiving.

Neu proposed the school back off of the training to determine if it was the true source of the improvement. No action was taken on this during the meeting.

-The board also approved a new three year contract, pay and benefits for a new superintendent. The salary is $105,000 with benefits.

Superintendent Terry Enlow has announced he will retire after the completion of the renovation project at Southridge High School and Middle School, which is scheduled to be finished by April 12. A dedication is tentatively scheduled for April 14.

The school board has not made a decision on the next superintendent but a special public meeting is scheduled for March 7 at 6:30 p.m. to choose Enlow’s replacement.

Enlow gave this update on the completion of the construction:

-Enlow also informed the board changes to school policy regarding part-time employees will be necessary due to the increased health coverage required by the Affordable Care Act. Part-time employees that go over 30 hours will be eligible for healthcare benefits according to the new law.

According to Enlow, the school’s actions need to be announced to employees by June 1 and be in place by the start of the new school year.

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