Southeast Dubois School Board Meeting

The July meeting of the Southeast Dubois School Board was held Wednesday night and the agenda was light.

By the time Board President Kent Uebelhor called the meeting to order, and called for consent on the agenda that consisted of last month’s meeting, claims and purchase requests, approval of facility use requests, professional leave requests and released time requests from area churches, the meeting was one-third completed in just 5 minutes.

The board then passed resignations along with hiring’s and reassignments for next school year.

One of the most important agenda items had to do with the permission to advertise for next year’s budget.  The budget has been set and will be advertised on August 14th and 21st.  Then, the public hearing will be held during the September 4th meeting.  Adoption of the budget will take place during the October meeting.

After the meeting, School Superintendent Rick Allen talked about how the budget is connected to student enrollment numbers:

Rick Allen 1

The state of Indiana passed a new law for transfers requiring a building capacity  to be posted on the school’s website and Allen reports that there is room in all of the school corporation for more students.

Allen also said that in 2012, the assessed property values in Ferdinand went down by about $4 million because personal property went down, but that is expected to go back up and will help the tax rate which affects how much money schools get.

Finally, Allen reported that the high school is going to Chrome books for laptops for this next school year.  He reports that the teachers have already given the students a look at the new laptops and that initial response is good:

Rick Allen 2

Allen said that the school corporation studied the issue for three years before making a decision on what to go with for students in grades 9 thru 12.

The School Board will initiate a $40.00 annual fee for the laptops, which will not cover the cost of one in case of loss, but taxes will help pay for them, too. He says that he hopes that textbooks will eventually go away completely.

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