Seitz Issues Statement on Public Comments About Mayoral Race

In the unfolding of events surrounding the tie for Mayor in Tuesday’s Municipal election, Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz issued a statement via email this morning in reference to the comments made by City Council member, Randy Buchta.

Seitz in his statement said, “In an article…Councilman Randy Buchta made insinuations calling into question my integrity…unfortunately, these accusations insult not only me, but my entire family, and they cannot be dismissed lightly.”

Buchta said in the article, “There are so many things that go on behind the scenes that the public doesn’t know…(Seitz) has good intentions, but the way he goes about it isn’t right. I really believe that if the people knew, they would have voted against him; I guarantee you that.”

WITZ News reached out to Buchta, who was unavailable for comment this morning, but he has stated to others that he stands by his comments and will not retract them.

The comments come after the race for mayor in Jasper ended in a tie vote at 1,856 votes for both Seitz and challenger Wayne Schuetter.

State law gives the tie to the Jasper City Council to decide – which has 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans.

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