Rotary Club Athena Award Given

An emotional Brenda Stallings received the Rotary Club Athena Award Thursday night at the Huntingburg Event Center in front of a crowd of around 250.

Stallings said that the one thing that means the most about the award is:

Stallings said that she is a strong believer in the law of attraction that says whatever you do will come back to you:

Brenda Stallings   :09   BrendaStallings02.mp3                                                                                                 Q:… in turn, will do –  they can do well, as well.

Stallings was picked from seven finalists. The others included Maureen Braun, Judi Brown, Sue Habig, Joan Knies, Leslie Petry and Brenda Sermersheim.

The key note speaker for the event was SOAR Founder and President Sally Schott.

We asked Schott what the one thing is that she tries to get across to audiences to which she speaks:

SOAR is a professional development program for high-potential women who have proven their readiness to advance in their organization.

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