Attorney for Seitz Files for Recount

An attorney representing current Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz filed for a recount Monday, November 16, 2015, just after 2 pm for the 2015 municipal election results.

Seitz and incumbent Democrat Wayne Schuetter tied in the mayoral race with 1,856 votes each.

The three-person election board comprised of Clerk Bridgette Jarboe, Republican representative Roger Messmer and Democrat representative Mike Fritch certified the results the Wednesday after Election Day. A new election committee will oversee the recount.

The costs associated with the recount aren’t completely known.

According to the Dubois County Clerk’s office, the filing fee is $156.00. Then, the judge would set a bond fee of at least $140.00 in the case ($100 statutory and $40.00 per precinct over 10 – total of 14 precincts in the Jasper municipal election).

Seitz will be responsible for the cost to pay a new three-person recount commission at a $100.00 per day per person.

The unknown is how many days it would take to complete a recount.

In essence, the cost for a recount is ambiguous at best and almost too difficult to estimate. Especially since legal fees are not included in the aforementioned costs.

Finally, if the recount comes back and shows that there is still a tie, then the vote would go to the seven-member Jasper City Council to make the final vote on who is to be the next mayor of Jasper.

If a discrepancy is found between original vote count and the recount, the recount numbers would be certified and the winner declared.

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