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One Year Anniversary

Can you believe it? It’s been exactly a year ago today that I walked into the doors of WITZ and started working. And not just working, but also learning.

This year has gone by so quickly and I’ve loved every second of it. I sincerely enjoy the time that I’ve spent at WITZ as well as getting to know the other WITZ employees. The people that I work with and spend my time with on a day to day basis are wonderful! Everyone has been so helpful. I’m absolutely not afraid to ask questions and no one has lacked an answer to anything I may ask….and I’m going to keep asking questions and I know they’ll keep answering.

Things are so different here at WITZ than they were a year ago. The WITZ studio has been completely redone. New equipment. New furniture. Basically new everything in the studio. Not to mention all of the changes with the WITZ website, which I’m sure you’ve noticed! It looks pretty snazzy and there’s a lot of information that you can get on the website that wasn’t available before. And we’re even streaming WITZ online now! You can listen from your computer. From your iPhone. From your Android. It’s just amazing how much has changed and I’m so lucky and happy to be able to witness all of the changes and developments as they come along.

Last but not least, I’ve enjoyed becoming a part of the community in Dubois County. I’ve tried to throw myself into going to as many events and places in and around Dubois County as I can. I’ve gone to my first Ferdinand Heimatfest. My first Strassenfest. My first Dubois County 4-H Fair. I’ve gone to the Lincoln Amphitheater and enjoyed the tale of A. Lincoln. Made several trips to the Dubois County Museum.  And so much more, though I doubt you’d want me to just go on and on with things I have done since I’ve been here. There’s a lot to do around Dubois County. I know I haven’t even come close to trying everything, but I’m looking forward to continuing to attend events and learn more and more about Dubois County and it’s traditions.

This past year has been amazing! Like I said…I’ve loved every single second of it. I’m lucky to be here at WITZ and I’m looking forward to seeing how WITZ changes in the future, as well as all the experiences that I’ll have here!

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