MetroNet Plans for Dubois County Slow Down

From the Dubois County Free Press:

MetroNet, an Evansville-based fiber-optic access company, is pulling back on plans to create a fiber-optic network in a corridor through Dubois County that includes Huntingburg and Jasper and the area around U.S. 231 between them.

The county and City of Huntingburg had given Jasper the go-ahead to represent all three entities in working with the company for the area they were considering the upgrades. Last fall, the three entities approved creating a tax increment-financing district for the improvements MetroNet was proposing.

The plan would have brought fiber-optic lines to homes and businesses in the area described in the improvements.

According to Jasper City Attorney Renee Kabrick, Ed Corr with MetroNet, recently met with the city and stated the Dubois County project is a “soft third or a hard fourth item” on their list of priority projects. The top two fiber projects on MetroNet’s horizon include the city of Westfield on the north side of Indianapolis, a city of about 31,000 residents, and another city close to a major project the company is currently working on.

According to Kabrick, Corr will keep the city up to date on their plans on bringing fiber to the proposed corridor.

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