Mayor’s Advisory Team Meeting

Stop trespassing on the golf course property!  That’s one of the messages that came out of the 1 st Mayor’s Advisory Team Meeting in Jasper Wednesday night.

Several members of the Team spoke up in the meeting and said that people are entering the property and walking or using the golf course for golf practice.  The City does not yet own the property, but the closing date is set for Thursday, April 11 th  and at that time, the City will take possession of the property and it will be closed to the public due to liability and safety issues.

Wednesday’s meeting was the first meeting for the Advisory Team on the topic of what to do with the Jasper Country Club property.

Tuesday, March 26 th , the Advisory team was selected and includes members:

Kendall Martin – Citizen – absent

Catherine Bell – Citizen – absent

Jeanne Campbell – Citizen

Chad Mundy – Citizen – absent

Audrey Seger – Citizen

Missy Krempp – Citizen

Brad Eckerle – Citizen

Greg Schnarr – Member of the Jasper Common Council

Darla Blazey – Director of Community Development & Planning

Chad Hurm – City Engineer

Renee Kabrick – City Attorney

Ken Buck – Jasper Park & Recreation Director

Roger Seger – Jasper Park & Recreation Board President

Kit Miracle – Director of Jasper Community Arts

John Bell – President of the Jasper Redevelopment Commission

Dr. Tracy Lorey – Superintendent of the Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools

Ken Schnaus – Member of the Board of Trustees for GJCS

Bill Hewitt – President of the Jasper Public Library Board

The majority of the Team members that were there, heard from City Visions representative Barry Alberts and David Gamble of Gamble & Associates who laid out the most important issue of the meeting:  the examination of the physical characteristics of the property.  Gamble said that they key word in the process is “stewardship.”  There is an imperative for the City to mind the needs of the property to preserve it as well as use it for the general benefit of the public.

Meanwhile, Mayor Seitz held up a blank piece of paper at the beginning of the meeting in a symbolic gesture of the starting of the process with nothing planned and no other pre-conceived notions about the direction.

After Alberts and Gamble spoke, the floor was opened for input from the Team Members.  Several mentioned concerns for the use of the property while the Greater Jasper School representatives were asked for their take on the property.  Ken Schnaus of the School Board spoke followed by School Superintendent Dr. Tracey Lorey.

Lorey made the case for the interest in the property by the School System by saying:

Dr Tracey Lorey

We also spoke with Jasper Parks Board Director Ken Buck about the importance of staying off of the property until it is prepared for public access:

Ken Buck

Finally, Jasper City Attorney Renee Kabrick echoed Buck’s comments about the need to have liability insurance in place before the property is opened up:

Renee Kabrick

Alberts and Gamble presented a timeline for activities on the property and said that the next meeting would probably come sometime in June.  In the meantime, any communications between the Team members and Alberts and Gamble will be facilitated by Jasper City Development Director Darla Blazey.

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