Local Police Departments Find Ammo More Expensive and Harder to Find

From the Dubois County Free Press:

Jasper Police Chief Michael Bennett presented quotes to purchase ammunition for duty and training to the Jasper Board of Public Works this morning.

The national demand for ammunition due to speculation on coming federal mandates is being felt by local law enforcement.

The low bid came in from Kiesler Police Supply and Ammunition Company but Chief Bennett added the caveat that once he orders the ammunition for the department, it may not be delivered for up to a year.

“With the ammo situation across the country, who knows,” Chief Bennett told the board this morning on the ammunition situation.

Jasper increased their bullet budget about $2000; today’s approved bid will cost the department $5725.40.


Meanwhile, Dubois County Sheriff Donny Lampert says it is going to be difficult for his department to get ammunition.  Deputy Tim Lampert has already experienced difficulties in attempts to do so.

Lampert reports that his department does not have a problem getting funding for service weapons or ammunition as the money for those expenses comes from the money generated by handgun carry permits.

In 2012, the Sheriff’s Department took in $10,695.00 from permits that goes towards the purchase of ammunition and firearms.

Lampert also said that there are changes coming on firearm permitting and how the money is allocated from it, which might mean a decrease in the amount that they get from the state.

Huntingburg Police Chief Art Parks agrees that the demand for ammunition is making it more difficult to get.  Asst. Chief Ronnie Bowman is the one who orders for the Department and he says that they are seeing two month lead times for 40 caliber and 6 months for 223 caliber ammo for their service firearms.

Parks also says that prices have gone up for per case allotments at $15.00 to $25.00 per case depending on where you purchase it.

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