Local News: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Three Teens Arrested in Paoli School Threat Case

PAOLI — Three Paoli teens have been arrested for allegedly posting threats to the school district on social media last week.

Those threats were reported to law enforcement on Thursday, and that’s when the State Police investigation began.

The minors, one 16 year old and two 17 year old’s, were taken into custody yesterday afternoon in Paoli on charges of felony intimidation.

The threats prompted school officials in Paoli to cancel classes Friday and to impose tighter security restrictions at sporting events that night.

In a statement released last night, state police stated the clear message is, “these crimes are vigorously investigated and not treated as pranks.”  Police remind you, posting anonymously on-line is never truly anonymous and threats like these can have lifelong consequences.

Since the suspects are minors, their names will not be released.  They were transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Orange County.



Drug Dealers Could Face Stiffer Penalties for ODs

STATEWIDE — Fatal overdoses would mean longer prison sentences for drug dealers under a bill passed by the Indiana House.

The bill is among several requested by Governor Holcomb to fight the opioid epidemic.The bill takes the most serious possible drug dealing charge and goes one level higher if the user dies. For cocaine, meth and opioids, that would mean an extra 20-to-40-year prison term. Less serious drugs could carry as little as three years.

House Criminal Code Chairman Tom Washburne (R-Inglefield) says the problem isn’t just opioid use. He notes police report they’re seeing more batches of heroin cut with fentanyl, which is cheaper but even more dangerous.

Michigan City Democrat Scott Pelath, who co-sponsored the bill with Washburne and Avon Republican Greg Steuerwald, says the addict’s mindset is so warped by the craving for a bigger high that overdoses are often met by other users with speculation about where they might have gotten the fatal dose. He says enabling prosecutors to target those dealers is an important countermeasure. But Bloomington Democrat Matt Pierce argues a Pew Charitable Trust study casts doubt on the deterrent effect of longer sentences.

The House passed the bill 85-12.



Jasper Utilities Recognized with Two Awards Recently

JASPER — Two city utilities are being recognized for their high safety and quality standards.

The Municipal Gas & Water Department received the Wendell LaDue Utility Safety Award at the American Water Works Association gathering recently.

And Wastewater Manager Ed Holliden has received the American Water Works Association Hoosier CREW Award — for Creative, resourceful and energetic workers.

The A.W.W.A is the world’s largest educational and scientific organization dedicated to promoting safe drinking water.



Dubois R.E.C Sending 2 Students to D.C.

DUBOIS CO. — The Dubois R.E.C is sending two local kids to the Nation’s Capitol.

The electric cooperative is accepting applications to sponsor two area students for the 2018 Indiana Youth Tour June 7th – 14th.

To be eligible, students must be entering their senior year in 2018 and are selected by the local cooperative to participate in the week-long trip.

Students from across the country will be going on the trip.  About 85 students from across the state will be selected.

Local students can apply for one of the two local spots on the tour by contacting Kyla Jones at the Dubois R.E.C.

You can also visit the website, www.duboisrec.com to download the application.

The deadline to apply is February 16th.



Indiana Students May Have Textbooks Provided Soon

STATEWIDE — The parents of Indiana schoolchildren pay a fee for textbooks, amounting to about 100 dollars a year in many cases.

That may soon change.

A House bill proposed by Michigan City Democrat Scott Pelath, the former House Majority Leader, would establish a fund for reimbursing schools for that cost. Indiana is one of only eight states in the nation that still don’t provide free textbooks.

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