Local News: Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Man Arrested on Felony Charges Involving a Weapon

HUNTINGBURG — A Huntingburg man has been arrested and is facing multiple felonies following a Christmas Day incident.

Police were called to a home in the 400 Block of North Washington Street just after 10 p.m. Christmas Day on a report of a man threatening someone in the home with a knife.

Police allege 21-year-old Edwin Miranda Hernandez also strangled the female victim while drunk.

Hernandez was arrested where he became uncooperative, according to arrest reports.  Police say he kicked the transporting officer between the seats in the squad car and had to be restrained further.

He’s charged with 4 felonies:   intimidation with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon, strangulation and battery on a public safety official.

Hernandez is also charged with misdemeanor resisting law enforcement and disorderly conduct.

He’s lodged in the Dubois County Security Center.

Police:  Use Caution Posting on Social Media This Holiday Season

STATEWIDE — If you traveled to visit family for Christmas, police are warning you to wait until you get back to post photos and talk about your trip on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

“If you’re on a vacation, wait until you get back before you show off your vacation photos,” says Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox. “What you’re telling some of the criminal element that may be monitoring those types of sites is that you’re out of town.”

Sheriff Cox adds that your vehicles parked outside your home are more likely to be a target for thieves if they see that you are many miles away from home for the holidays.

“In Johnson County, our residential burglaries are down but unfortunately thefts from vehicles are up,” according to Sheriff Cox.

Officers also recommend if you plan on an extended leave of absence during the holidays to leave your lights on in your home, keep your valuables hidden out of sight and double check to make sure every door to your home and vehicles are locked before you leave.



ISP Steps Up Patrols as Drivers Come Home from Holiday

STATE WIDE–If you get behind a drunk driver, you should call the cops, but only if you can do it safely. That’s one piece of common sense advice that Indiana State Police are giving as they get ready for extra patrols to keep you safe.

“If you can safely call 911, if you have hands-free calling in your car, and you can do so safely and if you can give is a direction, a vehicle color, a plate number is great,” said Capt. Dave Bursten, with the State Police, “do not jeopardize yourself by trying to take action, blocking off that impaired driver or following so closely that they take some evasive action and then you end up crashing into them.”

Bursten said you should exercise common sense. Don’t follow too closely. Don’t assume someone at a four-way stop is going to stop, especially if the roads get slick.

“Drive like you’re driving for everybody else. Be a defensive driver,” he said.

He said you should even watch out if you’re at an intersection and your light is green.

“You may have the green light but, if you run into the person that ran the red light, you’re still in a crash.”

Bursten said extra troopers will be on the highways, thanks to Operation C.A.R.E.

“Care is the Combined Accident Reduction Effort, and that’s where we have our personnel that volunteer to work on their day off, or their Christmas Day off and work on extra patrols. This augments the personnel that we normally have out there,” said Bursten.

State Police provided a list of driving tips they say you should read and follow, especially if we get snow, which is expected in some parts of the state.

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