LOCAL NEWS: Monday, October 2, 2017

ALERT — 50+ Killed, 100 + Injured in Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — We continue to follow developments out of Las Vegas where more than 50 people were killed, over 100 hurt in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

It happened during a concert overnight.

We will continue to provide details.

2 Arrested on Drug Charges in Ferdinand 

FERDINAND — Two men are in the Dubois County Security Center on drug charges.

Officers responded to a home on West 9th Street in Ferdinand on a report of an unwanted visitor.

That’s when police say they found 21-year-old Allen Hutchens of Ferdinand and 32-year-old Jason Raciot of Jasper.

Police reports show the two had been smoking meth together.

Both men are charged with felony meth possession and possession of paraphernalia.

Hutchens is additionally charged with maintaining a common nuisance.

Raciot is also charged with visiting a common nuisance.


IU to Close Lecture Hall Over “Offensive” Mural

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — By the Spring semester of 2018, Indiana University will no longer hold classes in a lecture hall where a controversial mural hangs. The mural features Ku Klux Klan members rallying next to a burning cross.

The mural was created by Thomas Hart Benton in 1933 for Chicago’s World Fair, and features the social and industrial history of Indiana.

Benton’s mural has caused controversy around campus since its installation in 1941 by former President Herman B. Wells, according to members of the university.

Despite receiving criticism, IU decided to keep the mural in Woodburn Hall in 2005, and it has remained there since. That is, until a recent petition to remove the KKK section of the mural began circulating in August.

Indiana University’s Commission of Multicultural Understanding said, “serves as a reminder and testimonial to an unsavory and criminal portion of Indiana’s history.”

The petition, which received over 1,000 signatures, failed to sway the university to remove the mural.


Sunday Alcohol Sales Discussed at State House

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers says they are ready to work with your lawmakers at the statehouse in drafting legislation that will effectively make it legal in Indiana to buy alcohol on Sundays.

This isn’t the first time the group which represents Indiana’s liquor stores has supported Sunday sales, having backed a bill in 2015 that died before a vote.

“It’s time. Indiana’s ban on Sunday sales is antiquated,” says Jon Sinder who chairs the Indiana Association for Beverage Retailers. “It impacts small business owners by forcing us to close our doors one day a week.”

A study committee is researching its feasibility and is also looking at cold beer sales at convenience stores, something the Association has historically been against.

Convenience store owner Jay Ricker, a prominent support of cold beer sales in Indiana, says that the IABR’s backing of Sunday sales is great, but that it’s to mask their opposition to cold beer sales at gas stations and grocery stores.

“Cold beer is what it’s all about. I think they’re trying to do an end run,” Ricker says. “It’s good that they’ve said that, but the reason they’re doing it is they think they can give that and not have to give anything else. They’ve been kicking and shoving all the way.”

Ricker says in order for any type of Sunday sales legislation to be viable, it has to include cold beer sales on Sundays as well. He says the temperature of beer is what this entire process has been all about.

Sinder says it’s all about money for gas stations when it comes to cold beer.

Gas stations and their lobbyists are trying to change the law in a way that puts Hoosiers at Risk just to help their bottom line,” Sinder continued. “We don’t sell toothpaste. We sell a product that can kill when sold irresponsibly.”

The summer study committee will make recommendations on the state’s alcohol laws to the General Assembly when the next legislative session comes around. Sinder says he’s confident that a Sunday sales bill can pass.

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