Local News: Monday, March 5, 2018

Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Huntingburg

HUNTINGBURG — Everyone is ok after a plane was forced to make an emergency landing over the weekend in Huntingburg.

The Free Press reports a local plane with two people on board contacted the Huntingburg airport Saturday morning to report a problem with one of the plane’s landing gears.

The pilot alerted airport officials they were returning back to the airport where they would attempt to land the small aircraft on its working landing gear.

Airport officials immediately sprung into action, alerting Huntingburg police and the sheriff’s office.

Authorities shut down U.S. 231 near the airport while fire crews and emergency responders prepared for the potential the plane would crash.

Remarkably, the co-pilot was able to bring the plane down safely on the one operable landing gear before laying the nose of the aircraft down on the runway.

A mechanical obstruction is being blamed for the landing gear not deploying.


Local Liquor Stores Cash In on First Day of Sunday Sales

JASPER — For the first time in modern history, you were able to buy alcohol on Sunday, beginning yesterday, right here at home.

At Holiday Liquors in Jasper, people were waiting outside of their store for its noon opening yesterday.

Owner Charlie Hopf tells me his stores were busier than he expected, adding business was booming for the first day of Sunday sales.


Hopf tells me it’s too soon to know the impact lifting the ban will have on his stores.

Indiana was the last state in the nation to lift the ban on Sunday alcohol sales.


Iconic Astra Sign Back in Jasper

JASPER — A piece of local history is back in Jasper.

The iconic sign that adorned the Astra Theatre back in its prime has been refurbished and is being delivered this morning.

The sign should be delivered around 9 a.m. and, weather permitting, will be lifted by crane and placed atop the historic Jasper theatre later today.

You can see it LIVE over on our WITZ Facebook page.

The new sign is part of a $1.7 million renovation to bring the old theatre back to life.

A grand re-opening celebration is planned for April 14th to coincide with the original opening of the theatre back in April of 1936.


Search Continues for Missing Perry Co. Kayaker

ROME — A search for a kayaker continues today after he went missing while on the Ohio River Thursday.

Perry County News reports Scott Whitehead’s kayak was found late last week and rescuers fear he fell into the water near Rome.

Search and Rescue crews combed the waters through the weekend searching for the man.

Local reports show Whitehead is a cattleman and farmer from Perry County.













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