Local News: Monday, March 12, 2018

Woman Charged With Leaving Crash / Drugs

JASPER — A woman was arrested Saturday on drug charges as police responded to an accident the 300 block of West 14th Street.

Police say Tommi Opel left the scene of that crash on foot.

When police caught up to her, they say she admitted to driving the car that crashed.

A search of her vehicle turned up meth and paraphernalia.

Opel is charged with possession of both the meth and paraphernalia in addition to driving while suspended.

A friend of the driver was also arrested on charges of false informing after she allegedly told police she was driving the car, which they later found out, wasn’t true.

Man Arrested on Drug Charges in Jasper

JASPER —  Jasper police made a drug arrest while executing an arrest warrant.

Police say they went to an apartment in the 1300 block of Dewey Street to serve a warrant out of Warrick County on 27-year-old Tyler Stephens.

That’s when police allegedly found a syringe, paraphernalia and a controlled substance.

Stephens is charged with possession of those items.



Man Charged with Dealing Meth

JASPER — Police were responding to another case around 11:00 a.m. when they came into contact with 25-year-old Talon Miller.

Police say Miller admitted to having illegal items on him.

A search allegedly turned up meth and paraphernalia.

Miller was charged with possession of both.  He’s also charged with dealing meth.


Man Arrested on Drug Charges During Traffic Stop

JASPER — A traffic stop last night turned up more drugs.

Police stopped the vehicle around 10 last night near the intersection of 2nd Street and U.S. 231.

Police say the driver, Alan Kleysteuber of Vincennes had a suspended license.

A search of the vehicle turned up meth and paraphernalia.

Kleysteuber is charged with possession of dealing and possessing meth along with possessing paraphernalia.


Man Killed While Working on His Car

DAVIESS CO. — A Daviess County man was killed while working on his vehicle.

First responders were called out to the home in Plainville around 7:00 Thursday night after 47-year-old Daniel Alexander’s car fell on top of him while his wife was at the store.

Police say Alexander was only using a jack to hold the vehicle up when the accident happened.

Reports show his wife discovered his body when she returned home.




Paoli Police Warn About Credit Card Skimmer


PAOLI — Paoli where people are being warned to check their bank accounts if you used a gas pump at Colletts Gas Station after a credit card skimmer was found.

Paoli Police were conducting a fraud investigation when they discovered the security seal on one of the pumps was broken.

That’s when they found the skimmer.

The device looks like a credit card reader, but instead allows the scammer to access your financial information.

Police remind you to look at that seal before using any gas pumps.  You can also pay cash or pay inside to reduce the chance of you getting your personal information stolen.

Again, if you payed for gas with a card at Colletts Gas Station in Paoli recently, check your account for any fraudulent activity.

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