Local & Area News: Friday, June 30, 2017

Jasper’s Monthly Tornado Siren Test Saturday

JASPER — From Jasper Police: The Jasper Police Department is issuing a reminder to the citizens of Jasper that Saturday, July 1st, at 4PM, there will be a monthly test of the Tornado Warning Siren System.

At that time, all 10 sirens in the city will be activated. The cable interrupter will also be tested for Jasper and Huntingburg.

This will be another in a series of monthly tests. The first day of each month has been designated by the Jasper Police Department and the Board of Public Works as the official test time.

Area Firework Displays Saturday – July 4th 

AREA-WIDE — There are several Independence Day celebrations going on around the area this weekend and into early next week.

Thunder Over Patoka will hold its annual fireworks show down on Patoka Lake – Saturday, July 1st at 9 P-M.

Fireworks can be seen from the beach or on the water.

There are entry fees to SOME areas so be aware of that.

— Fireworks will go off in Huntingburg at the Bombers game at league stadium –  Monday – July 3rd 

Sit in the outfield and watch the fireworks with the players.

— Otwell holds four days of events Saturday – Tuesday

  Fireworks on July 4th at dark.

LISTEN:  Event Organizer Tina Weiseman talks to WITZ about the festivities


State Fire Marshal Talks Firework Safety in New Video

STATE-WIDE — With Independence weekend upon us, Indiana’s fire marshal, Jim Greeson, has released a fireworks safety video.

He gives tips on keeping your July 4th festivities fun and safe, especially for young kids.

CLICK HERE to see the video

For more fireworks safety tips, log on to www.getprepared.in.gov


Gov. Holcomb Signs Two Bills by Jasper Lawmakers

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana governor Eric Holcomb signing two bills in to law Thursday, both sponsored by Jasper State Representative Mike Braun and State Senator Mark Messmer.

Both pieces of legislation aims to boost state and local economies while also supporting Indiana businesses.

The new laws will allow local governments to set up a fund specifically for regional infrastructure projects like the Mid State corridor says Braun.

LISTEN:  Rep. Braun (R-Jasper) discusses Mid State Corridor 

Under the legislation, counties taking part in a Regional Development Authority can also apply for FAST LANE federal grants to fund road and bridge projects across the country.

Areas can use infrastructure funds for highways, bridges, rail lines, airports, public transportation and other infrastructure improvements.

The second bill signed aligns career and technical education programs with current and future employment needs and establishes Workforce Ready Grants.


Newburgh Fire Under Investigation

NEWBURGH — Fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a house fire this week.

A couple was sleep in that home on East Sherwood Drive when the blaze broke out Wednesday.

Firefighters say it started in the garage.

Luckily everyone got out ok without injury.


Federal Judge Blocks Indiana Abortion Law

STATE-WIDE — A federal judge has blocked full enforcement of Indiana’s new abortion law which would have made it tougher for your daughters to get an abortion without your knowledge.

Judge Sarah Evans Barker says government policy must consider two realities–that such decisions effect everyone and that children have their own identities, interests and legal standing…with more expansive “legal entitlements” the closer they get to the age of majority.

With that, she is blocking the new requirement that a court notify parents when a girl under 18 seeks the court’s permission for an abortion.

As well as the new provision that doctors require identification from the parents and provide their own sworn affidavit.

It’s a preliminary injunction, meaning that a final order will come later.

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