Jasper Strassenfest 2017 Kicks Off Thursday

JASPER — The Jasper Strassenfest kicks off Thursday with opening ceremonies in downtown Jasper.

Thousands of people are expected to visit Jasper for the annual festival, celebrating Jasper’s rich German heritage.

Opening ceremonies begin 6:15 p.m. Thursday at the main stage.  Jasper mayor Terry Seitz will deliver the official Burgermeister proclamation during the ceremony.


For a full list over Strassenfest Events, CLICK HERE.

Strassenfest Pageant Crowns Festival Court

The Strassenfest 2017 Pageant was held Saturday night at Redemption Christian Church in Jasper.

WITZ General Manager, Gene Kuntz, Emceed last night’s ceremonies.

Below is the full list of pageant winners. A big congratulations to everyone! HAPPY STRASSENFEST!

Little Mister best German Attire: Charlie Siefert

Little Miss Best German Attire: Lila Schmitt

Little Mister 2nd runner up: Jack Wood

Little Miss 2nd runner up: Adalyn Welp

Little Mister 1st runner up: Henry Hostetter

Little Miss 1st runner up: Lila Schmitt

Little Mister Strassenfest: Charlie Seifert

Little Miss Strassenfest: Audrey Hoffman

Jr. Miss Congeniality: Emily Schaefer

Jr. Miss Photogenic: Hannah Seifert

Jr. Miss 2nd runner up: Hanna Seifert

Jr. Miss 1st runner up: Delany Smith

Jr. Miss Strassenfest: Karis Wigand

Miss Congeniality: Hannah Rydberg

Miss Photogenic: Chloe Berger

Miss 2nd runner up: Madelyn Keller

Miss 1st runner up: Kelsey Graman

Miss Strassenfest: Kara Skorge


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