Jasper Library Board Meeting

The Jasper Library Board met Thursday night and heard from Library Director Rita Douthitt that book and material circulation numbers were down in February in spite of the fact that door counts are up.  Douthitt said she is not sure of a reason why  about the phenomenon, which is not limited to the Jasper branch.

She reports, however, that the other stats for the library, however are up:


Douthitt says that the door count which is the number of people coming into all four libraries is 37,400 for the first two months of 2013.


Also in the meeting the Board heard from Douthitt for the need for more tables and chairs to fill rooms in the Annex Building.  She asked for permission to get inexpensive tables and chairs for meetings from Sam’s Club in Evansville.


Board President Bill Hewitt volunteered to go to Sam’s and look at the items and report back on his findings at the April meeting.


Hewitt reported that he has sent in a request for a new Library Annex sign for the Gramelspacher Building and is awaiting an approval from Darla Blazey with the City of Jasper.


The Board also passed the new Canvassing, and selling policy crafted by Board Attorney Shaneyfelt after he was authorized to do so at the February meeting.


The Board felt that the policy was needed after a request came in by a local girl scout troupe to use the outside of the Dubois Library property to sell Girl Scout Cookies.


Members from both library boards acknowledged at the time that they are supportive of the Girl Scouts and their programs, but had reservations about allowing them to solicit library patrons to buy cookies, because in so doing, a precedent would be set that would for the libraries to allow any other group to do the same.

And that might include groups that the library boards would rather not support.

The Board passed change orders in the amount of just under $4,700.00 in the construction work on the Jasper Library and Annex buildings in the approved renovations.


Finally, Board Attorney Bill Shaneyfelt talked about the fact that the City of Jasper has been approved by the Department of Local Government Finance to pay for the golf course property out of the rainy day fund.
The Library Board is now awaiting the close of the sale on the property and then they will approach the City to find out about the possibility of building a new library somewhere on the property.

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